8.2 2011-06-29

* don't draw infinite ammo icon for gauntlet
* /follow crosshair uses specified crosshair color
* added sv_skillrating cvar for huds
* cg_cameraDefaultOriginType [ curve, spline, interp, jump ]
* can add camera points in between existing ones, also if there's one at the current time /addcamerapoint will edit that point with current settings
* cg_inheritPowerupShader for multiple powerups (ex: quad and medkit) do/don't apply the first powerup custom shader to the second
* camera bug fix: don't briefly switch to demo taker's pov at beginning and end of camera playback
* camera bug fix: end at final camera point
* cg_cameraUpdateFreeCam transfers origin and angles to freecam state
* pause roq playback if cl_freezeDemo == 1 (paused)
* bug fix for incorrect texture drawn with bloom enabled
* macosx binary doesn't require lib vorbis*/ogg to be installed