Downloading WolfcamQLEdit

Unless stated otherwise, all versions have Windows, Linux and MacOSX binaries.

Latest VersionEdit

WolfcamQL 8.2 ( 8.2 changelog )




unzip wolfcamql*.zip anywhere you would like. You do not have to, and it's not recommended to, install into quakelive's directory.

Installing PAKsEdit

Copy the quakelive paks into baseq3 If you wan't to use the same maps that an older demo was recorded with you can copy over files that start with qz (ex: qzteam1.pk3, qzdm6.pk3) from an older quakelive baseq3/ into wolfcam's baseq3/ . Otherwise, it will use the new maps with old demos.

Using old Quake3 Gibs & BloodEdit

If you'd like to have quake3 gibs and blood, you need to copy the following files from quake3's pak0.pk3:

First copy:

  • gfx/damage/blood_spurt.tga
  • gfx/damage/blood_stain.tga

from quake3 to:

  • wolfcamql/wolfcam-ql/gfx/damageq3/blood_spurt.tga
  • wolfcamql/wolfcam-ql/gfx/damageq3/blood_stain.tga
  • Notice that the new directory is called damageq3.

Now copy:

  • models/gibs/gibs.jpg
  • models/gibs/leg.md3
  • models/gibs/skull.md3
  • models/gibs/abdomen.md3
  • models/gibs/chest.md3
  • models/gibs/intestine.md3
  • models/gibs/brain.md3
  • models/gibs/foot.md3
  • models/gibs/forearm.md3
  • models/gibs/arm.md3
  • models/gibs/fist.md3

from quake3 to:

  • wolfcamql/wolfcam-ql/models/gibsq3/gibs.jpg
  • wolfcamql/wolfcam-ql/models/gibsq3/leg.md3
  • wolfcamql/wolfcam-ql/models/gibsq3/skull.md3
  • wolfcamql/wolfcam-ql/models/gibsq3/abdomen.md3
  • wolfcamql/wolfcam-ql/models/gibsq3/chest.md3
  • wolfcamql/wolfcam-ql/models/gibsq3/intestine.md3
  • wolfcamql/wolfcam-ql/models/gibsq3/brain.md3
  • wolfcamql/wolfcam-ql/models/gibsq3/foot.md3
  • wolfcamql/wolfcam-ql/models/gibsq3/forearm.md3
  • wolfcamql/wolfcam-ql/models/gibsq3/arm.md3
  • wolfcamql/wolfcam-ql/models/gibsq3/fist.md3
  • Notice that the new directory is called gibsq3

Now copy:

  • sound/player/gibimp1.wav
  • sound/player/gibimp2.wav
  • sound/player/gibimp3.wav
  • sound/player/gibsplt1.wav

from quake3 to:

and then place in:

  • wolfcamql/wolfcam-ql/sound/player/gibimp1.wav
  • wolfcamql/wolfcam-ql/sound/player/gibimp2.wav
  • wolfcamql/wolfcam-ql/sound/player/gibimp3.wav
  • wolfcamql/wolfcam-ql/sound/player/gibsplt1.wav

Use cl_useq3gibs 1 to enable, and cl_useq3gibs 0 to use to ql gibs.

Demo directory and other important placesEdit