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WolfcamQL is a standalone Quake 3: Arena modification, based on the ioQuake 3 engine, that enables Quake Live demo playback, along with many other features. It uses the Quake Live resources, and has full support for the dm_73 demo protocol, along with the encrypted pk3s and bsps that QL uses, so there is no need to do any extra work to get this program fully functioning.

Disclaimer & CreditsEdit

This wiki is not affiliated with brugal, Quake Live, or id software. All the information published here was taken from numerous sources, be it the official Quake Live forums, ESReality,, or the Q3MME forums, or the documentation included with the program. We do not want credit for the information; all we want is to compile it all in one centralized site.


  • Basic Config
    • Enemy Model
  • Advanced Config / Tunning Customization
    • Settings for demo viewing vs video capturing
      • Tips on different gametypes & movie styles
    • HUD editing / importing
    • Custom weapon & player models/skins
    • Custom Fonts
  • Expert Config & FX Scripts
    • Native bloom & postprocessing
    • Motion Blur
    • Depth of Field
    • FX Scripts
      • Particle Effects
      • Custom Shaders
    • Complete cvarlist
  • Basic Capturing
    • Capture methods and formats
  • Advanced Capturing
    • Using Cameras
  • External Post Processing
    • Image Enhancing & Filters
    • Highlighting
    • Sound Sync
  • External Rendering & Encoding
  • FAQ & Troubleshooting

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